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Intelius – CEO Naveen Jain discusses Intelius Charitable Giving 2010

Naveen Jain and Anu Jain talk about the philanthropic goals of Intelius. Intelius is still a major philanthropic contributor, despite the severe economic downturn.

Naveen Jain discusses space commercialization at the Churchill Club

Naveen Jain joined Peter Diamandis, (President, Chairman & CEO, X PRIZE Foundation), William Gregory (former astronaut), and Bob Richards, (CEO, Odyssey Moon; Co- founder, International Space University) in a riveting discussion of the future of space commercialization: the challenges, the visions, and fiscal feasibility of outer space entrepreneurial ventures. The panel was moderated by David Livingston, the host of The Space Show.

Naveen Jain – Intrepid Air and Space Museum: Power of One Program Intro

Naveen Jain shared his personal story in this introduction to the Power of One Program. He discusses the four basic building blocks of success: education, hard work, integrity, and philanthropy.

Naveen Jain: TED Talks in India

Naveen Jain speaks about the fundamentals of being a successful entrepreneur in this fascinating lecture for TED Talks.

Naveen Jain on Social Networks

Intelius CEO Naveen Jain discusses how iSearch uncovers the real people behind social profiles.

Anu & Naveen Jain on Community and Giving

Naveen Jain and his wife Anu talk about how they make sure a portion of Intelius’ budget goes to directly to philanthropy, and the reasons behind this decision.

Naveen Jain on the Kairos Society

Naveen Jain speaks about the Kairos Society, a networking community that brings together young entrepreneurs. The Kairos Society was founded by Naveen Jain’s son Ankur Jain.

Naveen Jain and Anu Jain speak about Overlake Service League

Naveen Jain and Anu speak about how the nonprofit Overlake Service League helps people in need.