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Exploration and Innovation of today’s most complex problems is essential to our growth as a United World. By working together to advance and solve the issues that face us today, we can insure a brighter and smarter future. Please share your ideas and work with some of today’s top innovators.

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Mr. President, Help Us Bring Back the Spirit of Innovation


In this  Inc. article I write a letter to President Obama and call to him to implement several suggestions that promise to spur innovation and entrepreneurship in America.

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Ted X : Solving Problems Starts With You


In April 2012, Naveen spoke at TEDxMaastricht in Netherlands about solving world problems like healthcare and education. His Conclusion? Solving problems starts with you.

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If the Sky is the Limit, Where is the Sky?

I sat with Emi Kolawole and The Washington Post and spoke about the potential of innovation and the impact it can have on our world today.

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Celebrating Women’s Accomplishments

On International Women’s Day we celebrate the successes of women around the world. These achievements must be encouraged year-round.

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Naveen Jain on Education

Sometimes, in order to change what we care about most, we must completely rebuild it. We must look past the system to solve our problems.

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